10 reasons to give up alcohol (for a regular heavy/binge drinker)

It’s time to turn that precious life of yours around!

If you are reading this then the chances are you have some kind of struggle with an alcohol addiction. Having an addiction doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to drink every day, but after a certain (small) amount of time away from the bottle you start craving and having certain withdrawal symptoms, feeling like you NEED that drink.

Drinking copious amounts of alcohol in a short time frame or over a prolonged period of time can have many physical effects on the body including functions such as the brain, heart, liver, pancreas and the immune system. It literally effects all of our vital organs that we need in order to function as healthy human beings. It can also increase your risk of developing certain cancers, including cancers of the mouth, esophagus, throat, liver and breast.

Here are some other reasons that alcohol should get the flick..

Sense of achievementThere’s no better feeling than self-achievement! The respect you have for yourself will be through the roof! Giving up heavy drinking is not an easy obstacle for long term drinkers, and to accomplish this will give you pride and self-confidence like nothing else, pushing yourself to improve on even more areas of your life!

Finding yourselfwhile many of us drink the days (nights) away to get away from lifes bothers, when you decide to give it up you realize that you actually begin to find yourself. Which is a much healthier approach for oneself. You wake up feeling refreshed, focusing more on what your true desires and goals in life are, rather than focusing on how to just ‘get through’ the day with the seedy hangover.

Save  moneythe saving money side of this speaks for itself, alcohol costs money, especially if you are spending it hitting the town or shouting mates. Imagine all the other ways you could spend that money!

Save time – We all know what a hangover can do, and after copious amounts it can strap us to the couch and even throw out our whole weekend. We feel unproductive, lazy, unmotivated and generally antisocial until we start to recover. Save time by waking up feeling fresh and ready for what this new day has in store.

Weight lossWhen you indulge in one glass of wine, the equivalent calorie intake is compared to one slice of cake! Not only wine but liquor shots and bourbons are equivalent to pizzas and donuts! No wonder you have trouble losing weight! For women, moderate consumption would be one drink per day, whereas men can consume 2 drinks as moderation. When you think of it like that, there’s really no point of drinking at all! Imagine cutting out those calories how good you will feel when that extra eight comes off!

Respectyour friends and family will have a lot of respect for you making this decision and having the strength to quit, and they will notice good changes in you for the better. You will also become an inspiration for others which is a great achievement.

Better quality sleep – even after one or two wines, the effects of alcohol on sleep are enormous. Drinking will cause you to miss out on the first phase of sleep, resulting in a much lighter sleep, leaving you waking up feeling exhausted.

Special Occasionsquitting heavy/binge drinking will help you to appreciate the times that are special where you can appreciate a glass of red or two. You will feel tipsy quicker after not having a drink for a long time and need less alcohol on these occasions. (Remember your limit on these occasions and remember it is only for the special occasions, don’t slip back into the old trap.)

Overall healthyou will notice that you start to appreciate the little things in life more while being sober. You will feel more youthful, look more radiant and have more energy and a better working body. Life truly begins now.. The new you!

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